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Updates from early this year

We hadn’t updated our YouTube channel much for quite a few months as Bri managed to completely much up his shoulder and that, alongside his knackered knee, made keeping up with the allotment and the YouTube channel unworkable.

After a lot of physio, Bri is feeling quite a bit better (though an op is still very much on the cards) and we made some vids early this year. However, I’ve only just got round to editing them now!

So, without further ado, here is some footage from March and April this year. There will be another vid up soon once I’ve reshot the allotment tour as it was far too windy and rainy today.

First Post!

Image 16-05-2016 at 19.42Hello and welcome to our new blog. We’ll be using this to document our continuing forays into the wonderful world of allotment gardening.

We have a YouTube channel and will be posting videos as well as tips, tricks, successes and failures as we try to grow as many fruit, veggies and flowers as we can in a 10 rod plot.

We’ve had the plot just over a year and when we got it, it was in a serious state of neglect. With a lot a graft, some serious Googling and help from some of our fellow allotmenteers, we’ve turned it into quite a nice looking plot. We’re not done yet – I doubt we’ll ever be done – but we’re at a point where we are proud of our progress.

We hope you enjoy these posts. We can’t promise that you’ll learn a lot – but you may pick up a few tips – even if it’s just not making the many mistakes we’ve made!