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Update June 2016

This update covers 3 weeks of work on the allotment. I’ve been busy at work, so haven’t managed to edit the videos before now.

There’s a lot of veggies growing and we’re now starting to harvest some crops at last!

There’s also news of a little expansion to our allotment empire!

Update 29th and 30th May 2016

Here’s another weekly update. Everything is growing nicely and we’ve finally planted the asparagus. We’ve also added a few little decorative touches to the plot and discovered a rather nasty little pest in our potato bed.

Update – 25th May 2016

A quick update of the plot. Brian stakes the tomatoes and nicks Michelle’s biscuits the lily-livered salty swab!

And a shout out to Nora and Brian – check out their videos – we’ve learned a lot from them.


Allotment update

This is the first video with a slightly better camcorder – now with zoom! The sound is still a little rough when it’s windy, but I’ll need to save up for a field recorder, so you’ll have to bear with us.

This is a great time of year – things are starting to grow and now the risks of frosts are gone, or at least greatly diminished, we can start planting out the slightly more delicate plants.

We are plagued with slugs at the moment, so may have to bite the bullet this year and use either organic/animal friendly pellets or slug traps. We didn’t have to do it last year, but this year it’s like the Slug Apocalypse 🙁

Anyway – here’s the video. Enjoy!


Updates from early this year

We hadn’t updated our YouTube channel much for quite a few months as Bri managed to completely much up his shoulder and that, alongside his knackered knee, made keeping up with the allotment and the YouTube channel unworkable.

After a lot of physio, Bri is feeling quite a bit better (though an op is still very much on the cards) and we made some vids early this year. However, I’ve only just got round to editing them now!

So, without further ado, here is some footage from March and April this year. There will be another vid up soon once I’ve reshot the allotment tour as it was far too windy and rainy today.