First Post!

Image 16-05-2016 at 19.42Hello and welcome to our new blog. We’ll be using this to document our continuing forays into the wonderful world of allotment gardening.

We have a YouTube channel and will be posting videos as well as tips, tricks, successes and failures as we try to grow as many fruit, veggies and flowers as we can in a 10 rod plot.

We’ve had the plot just over a year and when we got it, it was in a serious state of neglect. With a lot a graft, some serious Googling and help from some of our fellow allotmenteers, we’ve turned it into quite a nice looking plot. We’re not done yet – I doubt we’ll ever be done – but we’re at a point where we are proud of our progress.

We hope you enjoy these posts. We can’t promise that you’ll learn a lot – but you may pick up a few tips – even if it’s just not making the many mistakes we’ve made!

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